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Adcom 12x/24x Macro Mobile Phone Camera Lens with Lens Hood - Compatible with All iPhone & Android Smartphones (Black)

162 Ratings & 61 Reviews

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  • [12x/24x Macro Lens] - designed for extreme close-ups, perfectly showing the details and beauty of the object. It gets you 12x/24x times closer to your subject. It also comes with a lens hood to ensure you have the correct focusing distance for every shot and acts as a diffuser to soften the light so you get more even lighting on your subject. It will be the best choice for your travel. It can be used to shoot insects, food, plants, jewelry, etc.
  • [High Quality Cell Phone Lens] - made of high quality anodized aluminum & multi-layer optics high-class glass. Adcom professional lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections, providing you a high quality image.
  • [Easy Usage] - screw the lens onto the included clip and fix safely & securely onto your mobile device, then just align accurately with the device camera for a super-sharp image. The clip’s soft rubber contact points ensure your device remains free of scratches and marks.
  • [Universal Compatibility] - compatible with all android & iOS mobile phones, front and back cameras and also dual camera phones. Comes with 1N 12x/24x macro lens, 1N macro lens hood, 1N lens clip, 1N lens cap, 1N microfiber lens cleaning cloth and 1N lens travel case.
  • [Worry Free Warranty] - 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Designed & crafted by Adcom with love.
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Our 12x/24x macro lens with lens hood is for amateur macro photographers for a begginers experience, you need to get closer to the subject/object if you want crisp and clear shot. Our macro lens is designed for extreme close-ups when you’re photographing small objects at close distances, our macro lens magnifies your image roughly 12x or 24x times. It allows you to focus your phone within 10 to 15 mm of what you're photographing, so you can fill the frame with your subject and capture it in amazing detail. Note: 1. Please wipe clean the lens before using. 2. It's better to take off your phone case for taking better photos. Tag & share your photos with #adcomindia #shotwithadcom #affordableeveryday
Brand Adcom
Model AD-Macro-12x/24x
Item Weight 24g
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 10 x 4.5 cm
Compatible Devices All Android & iOS Devices.
Form Factor Palm-held
Material Multi Layer Optics + Anodized Aluminum
Tech Specs Resolution Axis: 300 lp/mm, Resolution Corner: 250 lp/mm, Relative illumination: 100%, Lens Construction: 4 Elements, 3 Group, Magnification: 10 times, Shooting Distance: 10-15mm, Distortion: 1%
What's In The Box 1N Macro Lens, 1N Macro Lens Hood, 1N Lens Clip, 1N Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth, 1N User Guide and 1N Travel Bag.
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162 Ratings & 61 Reviews

    • Himanshu
    • 23.Feb.2024
    A best micro lens in this price segment. Pictures quality unexpected just wow 🔥 Highly recommend.
    • Subhendu prasad
    • 04.Jan.2024
    It's an awesome product for beginners, who wants to capture some macro objects. The lens quality is good and the picture quality is also amazing. Try this lens if you want one. Am really satisfied with the product.
    • Mayank
    • 29.Dec.2023
    My experience with this lens is just amazing you can use the both lens at the same time or a single lens for the one time the product quality is super it is worth for the people who are looking for the mobile micro photography well done adcomIndia thank you so much for this amazing product for ❤️.... And just try to make the lens more clear.
    • Manish Kumar
    • 20.Dec.2023
    One of the best macro mobile camera lens in the market with a low price tag. The zoom of the lens is great and even with high level of zoom the image quality is high, and the image is never blur and distorted. The clip and lens hood with the lens are high quality. Best buy for people who love macro photography in a low budget. Love the sharpness it gives and the amount of magnification is insane. It has 2 magnifications 12x and 24x. There are two lens fitted on top of each other and you can remove one to reduce or increase the magnification. Depth of field is very shallow in 24x mode good for taking eye shots of insects but 12x is much more commercial and balanced with decent magnification and good depth of field. I often use 12x mode as having shaky hands is a little trouble while using 24x. Overall its a very good macro lens to begin journey as macro photographer.
    • Prakash
    • 13.Dec.2023
    This lens is The Best in This Budget 🤩🤩🤩, No Distortion,No Chromatic Abbreviations, Quality is Outstanding ⚡❤️ Love This Lens.You can Check Out more samples at my Instagram:- Prakashphotography__
    • ROHAN
    • 22.Oct.2023
    Image quality is superb, need to go too close of object for 24X, expecting their will be long range macro lens in future
    • Uluberia , West Bengal
    • 10.Oct.2023
    This lens is amazing 🤩😍 I love this lens ❤️💗
    • Tanisha
    • 14.Jul.2023
    This product is a revolution in the field of photography. Works like magic and is travel and beginner friendly
    • Ayushman
    • 10.Jul.2023
    Just a great budget friendly product for the photographers to click great macro shots! Just go for it.
    • Arush
    • 27.May.2023
    Amazing lens and crystal clear quality
    • Swadesh
    • 24.Jan.2023
    The best lens to buy at this price range. Fabulous outcomes
    • Sandy
    • 20.Dec.2022
    Awesome lens, using it for more than a year, the result is impressive Must buy if you want want to click Crisp ,detailed shots
    • Indrajit
    • 16.Dec.2022
    Impressive 🥰🥰
    • 10.Dec.2022
    Very awesome performance in both 12 and 24x mode. Main boon is the price, it's too low for this high performance lens.
    • 28.Nov.2022
    Love the sharpness it gives and the amount of magnification is insane. It has 2 magnifications 12x and 24x. There are two lens fitted on top of each other and you can remove one to reduce or increase the magnification. Depth of field is very shallow in 24x mode good for taking eye shots of insects but 12x is much more commercial and balanced with decent magnification and good depth of field. I often use 12x mode as having shaky hands is a little trouble while using 24x. Overall its a very good macro lens to begin your journey as macro photographer. #fotuwalababa
    • Bhuvan
    • 28.Nov.2022
    Does the job perfectly. - The 12x and 24x lens work how they are supposed to and gives awesome clarity and quality. - Sturdy build, will last forever if we take good care Feedback - Would have been great if we got lens caps included just to protect them when we hold them in hand
    • Karthik
    • 22.Nov.2022
    One of the best lens I have ever used Perfectly fitted on my mobile. The diffuser was good ..
    • Karthik
    • 22.Nov.2022
    1st Macro Lens I have Used It's meet my 100% expectations One of the best I can say
    • Dilip
    • 21.Nov.2022
    My first experience in Macro photography was Amazing with this 12x/24x Macro Lens from Adcom. It's Amazing quality. The Results are So Excellent and Brilliant with this Lens. If you want to start macro photography i highly recommend to go for it. Thank you for reading.
    • Wild
    • 20.Nov.2022
    Best lens for beginners..
    • Hruday
    • 17.Nov.2022
    Value for money Top notch build Quality Likes : - Firstly the Packaging is top class and took all the safety measurements, also I'm sure you won't get any issues regarding damage - The case is pretty durable and decent color combination and you'll get a matte finish case. - they'll provide a cleaning cloth in the case and a hanger with it. - Mainly about the lens. They used a high quality metal and a top notch quality is provided - Photos with the lens is decent. They have provided a detachable lens 12x . You can attach a lens and get 24x high magnification and the distance 1cm for 24x and 2 to 3cm for 12x magnification Dislikes: - It hard to focus with 24x magnification and you should hold it steadily to focus - Picture quality is oafish in 24x magnification - distortion at edge is there you can eliminate by zooming to 1.4x
    • Mayilvaganan
    • 06.Nov.2022
    The details of this product, Really gives the amazing details in every aspect. Loved this
    • Rohit
    • 28.Oct.2022
    This lens is amazing 🤩, superb quality, affordable price, awesome detailed shots, i really love the product....
    • Nasif
    • 23.Sep.2022
    Adcom 12x24x Macro lens is just amazing. It's very compact and easy to attach with your ph and it's picture quality is too good. So sharp and detailed. If you want to take sharp macro shot you can go with this as a macro photographer i strongly suggest this lens . Also it's best for beginners.
    • Dey
    • 17.May.2022
    Built quality is awesome. Image quality is very sharp and detailed. Overall a great macro lens at this price range. Value for money and really a great macro lens. Loved it. For more details check out Raaj Dey youtube channel.
    • Suyog
    • 12.May.2022
    One of the best macro mobile camera lens in the market with a low price tag. The zoom of the lens is great and even with high level of zoom the image quality is high, and the image is never blur and distorted. The clip and lens hood with the lens are high quality. Overall best buy for people who love macro photography in a low budget.
    • Nikhil
    • 08.Apr.2022
    Great lens by Adcom. I am satisfied to buy this lens. Most of time i use adcom 12x macro lens its great .And Details are very sharp
    • Avinash
    • 29.Mar.2022
    this is so amazing to see such product with Indian brand, its quality is super, super sharp, worth of buying it, i shoot a lot and lots of photos with this but i havent found any reason to not buying it, amazing little bag to carry . its very worthy of buying it.
    • Akaash
    • 26.Mar.2022
    Really amazing lens. Worth every rupee I spent. Looking forward to buying more adcom products...
    • Adnan
    • 22.Mar.2022
    Great products
    • Abdul
    • 19.Mar.2022
    Good quality product&very easy to use
    • ALBIN
    • 07.Mar.2022
    I was not expecting such good quality at this low price. I'll definitely consider it as a very good purchase. Both the 12x lense and the 24x lense are mutually beneficial. Here are just some of the photos I took. From that you can understand its quality. I'm fully satisfied with the results I've received from this lense.
    • Rohit
    • 13.Feb.2022
    I am very very thanks full to adcomdindia this is most affordable lens I recommend to others to buy this lens it is absolutely amazing lens I am using it from 30 days and the quality is very good thank you adcom India 😍😍❤️❤️🙏
    • Yaqub
    • 01.Feb.2022
    Outstanding lens with great detailed output 😍. Love this💙.
    • Sunayan
    • 19.Jan.2022
    Loved the quality of the lens. Great product.
    • Jaan
    • 19.Jan.2022
    Nice product
    • Jayesh
    • 05.Jan.2022
    Good lens to begin your macro photography journey.
    • Rahul
    • 07.Dec.2021
    Very detailed image. Really affordable and easy to use. Best in the game.
    • Datta
    • 11.Nov.2021
    Great addition to your collection if you want to gear up. It's a good choice for level up your macro photography game. I got fascinating results so I can suggest this one for you. It won't disappoint you at all. At this price it's giving best results. If you are a beginner and want to improve.. just go for it.
    • Kaushik
    • 10.Nov.2021
    Good image quality and clarity. Good packaging and build quality. Good bokeh effect and background blur and minimal distortion. Overall a good buy.
    • Manmad
    • 08.Nov.2021
    Good product
    • Vishnu
    • 29.Oct.2021
    Perfect quality
    • Ganesh
    • 21.Oct.2021
    Hello everyone I'm using poco x2. I bought adcom 12*24 Macro lens in their website. First while I'm receiving the lens the clip is not fit for me. I reported my problem then they reshipped another clip for my mobile now it's perfectly match for my mobile. I attach some pics that took using that lens. I love the lens and their services. They respond rapidly than I thought. Thanks adcom.
    • Sinan
    • 22.Sep.2021
    I loved it so much because I was able to take good beautiful photos with this lens‌. This is definitely a product that a smartphone photographer should buy Thanks ADCOM
    • Pranav
    • 13.Sep.2021
    Amazing product by Adcom. The best way to be with the macro world. awesome packaging by the company. Product material is great. This lens giving great detailing of object
    • Vaishakh
    • 24.Aug.2021
    Loved the product a lot. 1. Looks premium with good built quality and packaging. 2.A hard shell carry case provided in the box is very useful to carry the lens everywhere. 3.Image quality is just awesome. Gives crisp and detailed images. 4.Good background blur as well as bokeh. 5.Found 12x lens more useful and 24x can be used for extreme closeups. 6.While using the 24x lens, we can see some vignette on the borders. Cropping or zooming a bit can solve this problem. Overall satisfied with the product. Highly recommended. Detailed review done in my Youtube channel @ Vaishakh Manohar Cheers!! Stay safe everyone!!
    • Muhmmed
    • 17.Aug.2021
    Good product.., value for money
    • Gupta
    • 03.Aug.2021
    Amazing product! Build quality and image quality both are amazing. Go for it👍
    • Aswin
    • 02.Aug.2021
    After using it for one months I can say that if you are looking for good macro lens at this price then go for it.I very much like the 12x lens, it's a good and perfect macro lens.Small black circle is noticeable in the corners when using 24x. Build quality is very good and is easy to use.The most good thing is the package, it has a good and well hard case for it.I use this lens on my Redmi note 9 pro mobile.
    • Althaf
    • 29.Jul.2021
    It is an amazing product for macro photography as it is intended and works best with almost all kinda of smartphones. One can blindly go with this lens and shoot good quality photos that has really strap quality. Go for it if you love macro photography!
    • Greeshma rose
    • 17.Jul.2021
    It works awesome 🤩🤩 and giving perfect details👏👏. The packaging is really cute and premium. The lens works superb🥰 worth of money. Go for it gyzz..
    • Deepesh Ganapati
    • 15.Jul.2021
    Owesome Lens for the price range. Amazing macro lens
    • Prashant
    • Kasa Tal- Dahanu, Maharashtra
    • 05.Jul.2021
    I loved it. And very good photos come from these lenses. This lens helped me learn macrophotography better. Very good photos are clicked through this adcom lens. I was not disappointed with 12 × 24 microlens. Thank you ADCOM
    • Devadeth
    • Kollam, Kerala
    • 03.Jun.2021
    These pictures says it. Very much loved with this product.
    • Mathan
    • 09.May.2021
    Adcom 12/24 x macro lens 🔥 The lens is good in details and sharpness. And the lens quality is good Price is so affordable compare to others. It is a monster 🔥
    • Kario
    • 26.Mar.2021
    The Adcom 12 * 24 macro lens is simply superb! Check the product images and the sample clicks! The images are sharp and I can see very minute details with the lens! Simply awesome!
    • Sanith
    • 10.Mar.2021
    Great lens.good quality.amazing details. Worth of money. Good packing.more than expected and affordable price.
    • Jayanta
    • 26.Feb.2021
    Very good lens and very good quality..customer support is also good. Recommended for buy..best buy lens
    • Rohan
    • 18.Feb.2021
    This lens is really good with good sharpness and detail. When you are using 24x lens, it's need a little bit practice to stabilize your hands. Due to the high magnification in 24x lens, you can get so close to the subject. Packaging is very neat and it feels like premium. Checkout some photos I had clicked.
    • Sulthan
    • Peroorkada, Trivandrum, Kerala
    • 30.Jan.2021
    Amazing Lens! Just need this lens for all my macro shots. 12x for dramatic and 24x for astounding results. The diffuser gets an extra point. Suitable for travel as mentioned thanks to the rigid case. Check out the full review on my YouTube channel - 'CraftCoder by Sulthan Nizarudin' to see its amazing capabilities in action.
    • Ansh
    • 27.Jan.2021
    Just bought this beast and I must say adcom india is going to bring a revolution in the gadgets industry. Premium quality lens giving every click a "picture perfect" tag that too in such affordable prices. Now this is something which is recommended to each and everyone out their. I also unboxed it on my youtube channel @ TECH MANTRA LOOKING FORWARD TO CLICK MORE HD PICS THROUGH THIS LENS. KUDOS TO TEAM ADCOM

Adcom 12x/24x Macro Camera Lens with Lens Hood

Our 12x/24x Macro Lens captures life sized images of the smallest objects. Different from traditional macro photography, our lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things.

Our 12x/24x macro lens attaches to your phone via a clip, and also includes a removable diffuser lens hood to capture and control light.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced 12x/24x Macro Lens
  • Additional Lens Hood for Controlling Light
  • Made of High Quality Anodized Aluminum
  • Multi-Layer Optics High-Class Glass
  • Travel Friendly & Portable Travel Case

All in One Professional Lens Kit

Contains 1 professional camera lens with one carrying case. Our enhanced 12x/24x Macro Lens is designed for extreme close-ups.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Compatible with all single and dual camera phones. A great mobile photography kit for both back or front facing cameras.

Travel Friendly with Protective Case

Portable and easy to carry with a universal clip.

Shoot Small Objects such as Insects, Jewelry, Flora/Fauna, Food, etc.

Capture The Rarest of Sights That is Not Visible To The Naked Eye.

Control the Light in Your Macro Shots Using the Lens Hood.