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Adcom Exclusive

Adcom 8x Telephoto Zoom Mobile Phone Camera Lens - Compatible with All iPhone & Android Smartphones (Black)

132 Ratings & 50 Reviews

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  • [8x Objectif Zoom Lens] - is a body installed to your mobile that offers an 8x optical zoom that allows you to have a clear image at the centre, making the subject appear bright and colorful.
  • [High Quality Cell Phone Lens] - made of high quality anodized aluminum & multi-layer optics high-class glass. Adcom professional lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections, providing you a high quality image.
  • [Easy Usage] - screw the lens onto the included clip and fix safely & securely onto your mobile device, then just align accurately with the device camera for a super-sharp image. The clip’s soft rubber contact points ensure your device remains free of scratches and marks.
  • [Universal Compatibility] - compatible with all android & iOS mobile phones, front and back cameras and also dual camera phones. Comes with 1N telephoto lens, 1N lens clip, 1N microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Specially made for photographers, vloggers, content creators, bloggers and beginners alike.
  • [Warranty] - 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Designed & crafted by Adcom with love.
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Adcom 8x telephoto zoom lens is a complete set of android & IOS mobile phone camera lenses that will help you pause every single important moment of your life. They are portable, easy to carry and have a universal clip. It can be used with most smartphones. Note: Please wipe clean the lens before using. It's better to take off your phone case for taking better photos. The objectif 8x lens is a body installed to your mobile phone to be extended to 8 times the focal length or 8 times the lens of subsidiary device.

8x zoom lens
8x zoom lens

Adcom 8x Telephoto Zoom Lens

Our lens can magnify your subject optically with minimal picture degradation. This lens allows you to capture every minute detail of a particular subject or scene even when you zoom in, up to two times optical zoom. You can take photos from a distance without compromising on the quality.

Our 8x telephoto zoom lens makes a photographic subject appear closer than it actually is. This can be ideal for mobile photographers. This lens also serve an artistic purpose and is remarkable at creating contrasting focuses between foreground and background.

Product Features:

  • 8x Objectif Zoom Lens
  • Good for Portrait & Distance Photography
  • Comes with Bokeh Effect or Background Blur
  • Made of High Quality Anodized Aluminum
  • Travel Friendly & Portable

telephoto 8x zoom lens


8x zoom

8x Objectif Zoom

With its 8x objectif zoom, capture your subject images every time with no distortion and clear pic every time with bokeh effect.

Silhouette Photography

Shoot silhouette's which shows the dark outlines of subjects in front of contrasting, bright scenes such as sunsets.

Easy to Carry

Compact in size and compatible with every phone. This zoom lens is also easy to use as well as handy to carry anywhere.


portrait photography

bird photography

Capture the moon

Capture the identity, personality and essence of a subject.

Take high quality images of a bird using our zoom lens.

Capture the moon’s features from mountains to craters.

wallpaper material

Our Adcom 8x Telephoto Zoom Lens Helps You to Capture Wonderful Moments.

Brand Adcom
Model AD-8X-Telephoto
Item Weight 46g
Product Dimensions 16.1 x 9.4 x 4.5 cm
Compatible Devices All Android & iOS Devices.
Form Factor Palm-held
Material Multi Layer Optics + Anodized Aluminum
Tech Specs Lens Construction: 3 Elements, 3 Group
What's In The Box 1N Lenses, 1N Lens Clip, 1N Lens Cap, 1N Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth.
Your Rating:

132 Ratings & 50 Reviews

    • Umang
    • 21.Apr.2024
    Good Quality
    • Sanjay
    • 17.Apr.2024
    Best 8x telephoto lens my experience is very very beautiful & I am very happy
    • Pranav
    • Anangadi, Kerala
    • 24.Feb.2024
    Good telephoto lens also maco photos taking excellent performance
    • Sekhar
    • 20.Feb.2024
    This product is very good but it makes the corner of the picture blur
    • Himanshu
    • 16.Feb.2024
    I am very impressed with this telephoto lens…❤️ The Quality of the photo/video is best compare to other brands lens.
    • Sk
    • 31.Jan.2024
    I am fully satisfied with this adcom 8x telephoto mobile lens. Best telephoto lens in this price range. Highly rerecommended from my side.
    • Himanshu
    • 22.Jan.2024
    It was good👍... I feel very happy to use this and that quality was also good with good price.. Thank you
    • Bhavika
    • 15.Jan.2024
    Best Mini DSLR for Mobile Photographer 📸
    • Talari
    • 11.Jan.2024
    It is very good lens .This lens helps me a lot to enhance my skills and passion about Mobile photography.thanking you adcom for wonderful lens with less budget
    • Sooraj
    • 04.Jan.2024
    This is the best mobile lence picture quality is good use pro mode for better quality pic..Lens is very good for this price. valuable for money. I am really loved it. 100% dslr like picture...
    • Yuvi
    • 02.Jan.2024
    adcom have Best lens, I'm using this lens last fev days Using this I am able to click very good pictures
    • Peer
    • 18.Dec.2023
    I am very impressed with it. The lens is well-built and easy to use, and it produces good quality images. One of the things I love most about the Adcom lens is that it allows me to get close to my subjects without having to physically move closer. In addition, the Adcom lens is very affordable. It is a great value for the money, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their mobile photography.
    • Anaam
    • 20.Nov.2023
    The Adcom Telephoto 8x lens is a game-changer for mobile photography. Its DSLR-like quality, especially in zoomed shots, adds a new dimension to my photos and videos. Compact and reliable, it's a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their smartphone camera capabilities.
    • Abhinav
    • 02.Nov.2023
    Superb quality and awsome lens❤️
    • Anant
    • 30.Oct.2023
    I bought this lens from this website this lens is amazing I am using this lens for 6 months no problem with this lens and build quality is much better than i think zooming quality and background blur in portrait is amazing i really like this lens and i also clicked moon pictures with it best product in budget
    • Vijay
    • Palakkad , Kerala
    • 11.Oct.2023
    I am very impressed with it. The lens is well-built and easy to use, and it produces good quality images. One of the things I love most about the Adcom lens is that it allows me to get close to my subjects without having to physically move closer. In addition, the Adcom lens is very affordable. It is a great value for the money, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their mobile photography.
    • Ankit kumar
    • 10.Jul.2023
    Enhance your phone camera with adcom 8x Telephoto lens. And the best part is you can adjust the focus by adjusting the ring which gives you the professional touch. And this lens absolutely fit in your budget so go for it.
    • Santhosh Kumar
    • 26.Jun.2023
    Captivating Zoom and Exceptional Clarity. I personally recommend this low budget telephoto lens to all.
    • Mix
    • 09.Jun.2023
    This product is amazing and i am really love it 😃
    • Imran
    • 31.May.2023
    Awesome lens for birds photography
    • Kumar
    • 14.May.2023
    ADCOM 8x telephoto lens really amazing.. you can shoot photos at 8x zoom with good quality…and one unique thing is you can adjust your focus . If you are looking a telephoto lens then this is a good lens and you can improve your photography level .. this is amazing product
    • ANKAN
    • 26.Apr.2023
    The Adcom 8X telephoto lens is a great addition to any smartphone photographer's toolkit. With its 8X magnification, this lens allows you to capture clear and sharp photos of distant objects and landscapes without losing any quality. The lens is easy to attach to your smartphone, and it comes with a universal clip that can fit most smartphones.
    • Kalsi
    • 25.Apr.2023
    The build quality of the lens is great For close subject shots u will get amazing bokeh and detail. Easy to carry nd use price the product is value for money
    • Praveen
    • 23.Apr.2023
    Best in the market 🔥 Must buy 😍
    • Vishwakarma
    • 15.Apr.2023
    One of the best telephoto lens. Unbelievable Results. Portable Easy to carry, Build quality is Perfect, Clear Image making subject bright and increases your photography skills and creativity ideas. I Love this Adcom 8x Telephoto Lens.
    • Srikanta
    • 04.Apr.2023
    Good telephoto lens in budget. Picture quality is good . Easy to use...and very comfortable on any device .
    • Saptarshi
    • 03.Apr.2023
    I recently purchased the Adcom 8x lens for my smartphone and I have to say, I'm quite impressed with the results. The lens is made of high-quality materials and is easy to attach to my phone. The 8x zoom is quite powerful and allows me to capture clear, detailed shots of distant objects. I also appreciate the compact size of the lens, which makes it easy to carry around with me wherever I go. One minor drawback I noticed is that the lens can sometimes create a slight distortion around the edges of the image, but this can be easily corrected in post-processing. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Adcom 8x lens to anyone looking to enhance their smartphone photography capabilities.
    • Faraz
    • 04.Mar.2023
    Best telephoto lens for 1000 rupees
    • Debashish
    • 17.Feb.2023
    One Of The BestLens. Awesome Experience.
    • Vishwa
    • 07.Feb.2023
    Mind Blowing Purchase... Perfect one... Budget friendly... Superb quality
    • Kozhikode, Kerala
    • 05.Feb.2023
    Good product.
    • Dawar
    • 05.Jan.2023
    Amazing product
    • Hardeep
    • Alwar, Rajasthan
    • 02.Jan.2023
    Probably the good lens as per the price segment and lens quality. if your smartphone have good camera then it will help you to take satisfying images. always use a mini tripod for phone while using it. little shake will cause blurry images.
    • Arijit
    • 30.Dec.2022
    I ordered this lens from Adcom which turned out to be very beneficial for me. If you also buy it then you will not be loss . You will only benefit. Its zoom is also very good and clear photo is coming very well, so you can buy from it.
    • Vishal
    • 22.Dec.2022
    The best for this price range (under 1k). If your money is limited and want a smartphone telephoto lens, go for this. But remember it's 8x and don't have expectations to capture moon. 🤗
    • Janavi
    • 20.Dec.2022
    Genuine product at affordable price. Really loved the quality and features of the product. Very easy to understand use and click.
    • Praveen
    • 04.Dec.2022
    Good product
    • Saikat
    • 28.Nov.2022
    Great product with Great performance . Adcom 8x mobile telephoto lens , I called it mini DSLR for it's performance . Best Mobile telephoto lens under 1K .. After trying many products I found a great one .. Thank you Adcom India .....
    • Aman
    • 11.Oct.2022
    It gives quite good results. Material is also good and worthy. Great zooming. You can go for it.
    • Shubham
    • 13.Jul.2022
    Its amazing telephoto zoom lens for mobile photography and this is best under budget zoom lens
    • Deepesh Ganapati
    • 19.Jun.2022
    Great bokeh effect
    • Ramesh
    • 17.Jun.2022
    Genuine products and reliable service at affordable price. Really loved the quality and features of the product. I definitely recommend to my friends.
    • Kareena
    • 16.Jun.2022
    Its an amazing telephoto zoom lens for the Mobile Photographers. I just the results of the lens totally satisfying.
    • Ravi
    • 23.May.2022
    Very nice and premium look lens at this price. The team of Adcom is also very supportive. Thank you Adcom
    • Biswajit
    • 08.Apr.2022
    This 8X telephoto lens is the best one under 1K. When it comes to photos it's never disappointing. With amazing results and minimal distortion it can capture amazing dslr like photos with your phone itself. Easy to carry too due to it's small size and build quality is great too. In love with the product 💞
    • Pradeep
    • 28.Mar.2022
    This is the best telephoto lens under 1k the build quality is very good and best lens fot the beginners and i prefer you to buy this lens and value for money
    • Abbas
    • 26.Mar.2022
    Very awesome product and very useful product I suggest to everyone must buy value for money product
    • Kapil
    • North East Delhi, Delhi
    • 23.Mar.2022
    Adcom 8x Telephoto Zoom lens At it's Best It's a Good gadget for Leveling Up your Photography Skills to Next Level. Unbelievable Results. Portable Easy to carry, Build quality is Perfect, Clear Image making subject bright and colourful . Really loved this Adcom 8x Telephoto Lens. Value for Money Product . Thank you Adcom .
    • Yatharth
    • 10.Mar.2022
    It's a amazing products 👍
    • Ankit
    • 13.Oct.2021
    After using 10 days of product. Product was upto mark good packaging value of money product.