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Product Details

Adcom Exclusive

Adcom 20000 mAh Lithium-ion Power Bank with LCD Display & Dual USB Ports (White) - [E-store Exclusive]

61 Ratings & 11 Reviews

2499 1190

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10 Days Replacement Only

  • Capacity : 20000 mAH Lithium-ion Battery
  • Dual USB Input & Dual USB Output Ports.
  • LCD Display for Accurate Display of Power Usage with In-built LED Torchlight.
  • Environmental Friendly, Portable & Easy to Carry.
  • Protection from Overcharge, Over Discharge & Short Circuit.
  • 1 Year Warranty. Designed & Crafted with Love by Adcom in India.
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Our 20000mAh power bank is manufactured by using high performance components and parts including A-grade lithium-ion battery cells. Safety standards are also kept into consideration to protect the device against over-charging, over voltage or over current. Our powerbank will give your devices uninterrupted power supply and faster charging speed. Tag & share your photos with us using: #AdcomIndia #WorkWithAdcom #AdcomPowerbank
Brand Adcom
Model AP02
Color White
Item Weight 372g
Product Dimensions 17.8 x 7.8 x 3.1 cm
Batteries Lithium-ion
Compatible Devices All Android & iOS Compatible Devices
Package Contents 1N Power Bank, 1N USB Cable, 1N Warranty Card, 1N Thank You Card
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61 Ratings & 11 Reviews

    • Sheikh
    • 26.Mar.2021
    Very nice product just go for it and its price is also good if you are thinking to buy a power bank so just go for this.
    • Arssh
    • 13.Mar.2021
    Best Available in Market.Loved The Quality And charging speed.Also loved the torch availbale.
    • Bhattacharya
    • 24.Feb.2021
    Brilliant power bank in this price range. Very neat design. I have stopped using my charger. Use this power bank - one full charge lasting me a week. An absolute beast. Kudos to AdcomIndia!! 💯
    • Akhil
    • 12.Nov.2020
    1.Its consuming fast but in the phone only 1percent charged ..i kept charge At my 86 percent in phone when the powerbank was 99 charge ... Now my phone 89..in powerbank 83 percent see how much of difference 2.Power bank up to 99 its takes speed to charge But 100not coming in display when i kept it for one hour .. 3. My mobile 4500 mah battery capacity ..then check how many times it will charge my mobile .. 4.i sawed ratings and brought these product ..please dont do mistake like me ..
    • Sahan
    • 28.Jan.2020
    The powerbank comes with a small screen which tells you about how much the power is being supplied to the phone as well how much the powerbank is charged.I really liked this feature because i can make my assumptions about how much i can go with my powerbank.At full charge,the powerbank charges my mobile phone around 4-5 times.The best part is that you can charge 2 mobile phones at once.I am in love with this powerbank.
    • Ansh
    • 16.Jan.2020
    HEY, I own this powerbank and i must say that this product is value for money because of its build quality and its perfomance. I recommend each one of you to buy this as it is very easy to use and hence so cheap according to 20,000mah Also i made a review for this that you can check on TECH MANTRA on youtube. REGARDS ANSH
    • Malik
    • 25.Dec.2019
    This power bank is really awesome. Its 20000 mah battery and dual charge completely justifies its price. Its fast charging and compact design makes it even more better. The display gives the exact battery percentage so its easy to know when to charge.
    • Rana
    • 13.Dec.2019
    Great powerbank, used it to charge my phone 3 times and still it was at 36% battery. Highly recommended product. Loved the product. I recently bought a power bank which works so good and specially the battery capacity is so much that can charge my phone a lot many times. The Powerbank weight is light and also it charges the smartphone faster and at this price it is worth to buying it.Awesome battery backup. Proce is so genuine and its high in performance. Value for money.
    • Rockman
    • 11.Oct.2019
    Loved the product. I recently bought a power bank which works so good and specially the battery capacity is so much that can charge my phone a lot many times. The Powerbank weight is light and also it charges the smartphone faster and at this price it is worth to buying it.Awesome battery backup. Proce is so genuine and its high in performance. Value for money.
    • Vishnu
    • 01.Jul.2019
    This is maybe my 5 or 6th personal power bank. I have used Anker, Adata, Plantronics, Ambrane, Intex,and more. Most of them promise too much but losing on quality and assured performance. Adcom 20000 mah i have been using the same from last 10days and it truely keeps their words at best price. Most Important digital display shows correct Indicator so it always saves me from running out of battery.
    What phones & devices does this charge for me?
    It was able to charge all the devices that i have android phones, iphones, Amazon fireStick, speakers, carvan etc.
    Does it fast charge?
    Yes, it fast charges the onePlus 5 with 2.1A output. This means it saves me the time and hassle of connecting with the wall charger.
    Can it be used to charge two devices?
    The good news is that the 3-4 times I have used this with both devices, I have not seen any reduction in performance quality. It keeps the power going and seems to be able to support it. It has two slots with 2.1A ana 1 A output respectively.
    How often do I Charge it?
    Maybe once a week. Not more than a maximum of twice a week.
    How long does it last?
    Lets say it will charge both my phones maybe 7-8 times in total before giving up.
    How long does it take to charge?
    But with the accompanied cable and Fast Charger Adapter, it charges in 5-6 hours to 100%.
    I recommend This PowerBank due to its Afordable price and also giving 1 year Warranty which is Amazing.
    • Naseem
    • dwarka
    • 26.Apr.2019
    White looks really royal!! nice texture big battery backup!! awesome buy!!

Adcom 20000 mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank (White)

Charge your devices on the go, with this powerful and compact power bank. With a 2000 mAH charging capacity, make sure you are always ready for whatever comes your way, with this power bank at your side.

Product Features:

  • High Density Lithium-ion Battery.
  • 2A Fast Charging.
  • 20000 mAh Battery Capacity.
  • Life Cycle: More than 500 times charge-discharge.
  • Feather Touch Button
  • LCD Display for Accurate Display of Power Usage.
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • 9 Layers of Chipset Protections

Universal Dual USB Output

This power bank have two USB output with 2.4A to charge two devices at the same time.

Digital LCD Display

This power bank has a LCD display to find the status of charge ensuring you exactly know the juice left in the power bank.

Ultra Powerful

This power bank come with a 20,000 mAh and is built using highest quality Lithium-ion cells. It can easily charge all types of USB devices like all Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, iPods, Headphones, etc.

Dual Micro USB Input

Charging the power bank becomes easy with dual input options in the power bank.

Portable and Easy To Carry

Portable and easy to carry, this power bank is ideal to take with you to work or on a trip.

Intelligent Voltage Protection

This power bank is protected from overcharging, over discharge and from short circuiting, ensuring it is a safe choice.