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Product Details

Adcom 4D Slim Wireless Optical Mouse with Nano Receiver & 1600dpi (Metal Grey)

111 Ratings & 30 Reviews

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  • [Smooth Navigation with Less Noise Mouse Click] - Slim ergonomic design with smooth frosted metallic surface for an incredible user experience. Quieter and easier to click, makes you concentrate on your work without disturbing others.
  • [Plug and Play] - Nano wireless receiver conveniently slots into your computer's USB port, taking up minimal space. Perfect for work and entertainment in home or office. Portable & durable.
  • [Stable Connection and Power Efficient] - Our 2.4 GHz wireless mouse provides a powerful, reliable connection, effective up to 10 meters of range. This mouse will auto sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity for power saving, it can be waken up by clicking any button.
  • [Universal Compatibility] - works with all Windows & Mac OS devices.
  • [Worry Free Warranty] - 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Designed & Crafted by Adcom with Love.
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Its compact design makes it easy to bring the mouse with you wherever you need it. A nano transceiver plugs into your computer's USB port for a reliable wireless connection. High Movement resolution allows the mouse to track on nearly any surface. #AffordableEveryday #AdcomMouse #WorkWithAdcom #AdcomIndia






Item Weight

46 g

Package Dimensions

9.7 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm

Compatible Devices

Computers, Desktop, Laptops & Other USB Powered Devices.

Form Factor


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111 Ratings & 30 Reviews

    • Shantanu
    • 15.Mar.2022
    Compact and lightweight design, easy to connect looking for slim lightweight mouse go for it!!!
    • Vikas
    • 18.Jan.2022
    Amazing product 🙂 The quality is so awesome
    • Ashutosh
    • 30.Dec.2021
    Love the smoothness of this mouse .. loved the color also ...
    • Nasif
    • 26.Nov.2021
    Adcom 4D slim mouse is really awesome product from Adcom ,it's very easy to use and carry anywhere and I really like the ultimate design of it ,it's so attractive and so fast and handy .. really love this mouse in this price it's best
    • Swapnil
    • 22.Nov.2021
    Light weight and premium look awesome quality
    • Mehul
    • 23.Jan.2021
    It is the most affordable wireless mouse and Justify its price like a Boss. I found the Grip and Design very Handy and Attractive, Also the Smooth Body helps you perform the Tasks Easily. Working 100% Properly Works Smoothly & Faster From all Other Mouse Light Weight Mouse Special Thanks To Adcom Giving this Adcom 4D Mouse at this price point. I Recommend to Buy it.
    • Chirag
    • 03.Jan.2021
    I loved the product , it's comfortable to use, easy to set , best thing is that its wireless .The low price , durable and compact design makes this one of the best mouse.I personally recommend it for all type of users.
    • Tanay
    • 05.Dec.2020
    too bad product and service. its a worst product . the reality is they don't provide a good product and it actually used product and they just give to me , the product is not working properly and most of time this product is used by someone before us and its actually given to us . the product isn't in good condition.. and they even don't response on helpline number and don't even answer via mails . its too much bad and worst company and website at all . i request to all to please be aware .
    • Utkarsh
    • 30.Nov.2020
    It is the most affordable wireless mouse and Justify its price like a Boss. I found the Grip and Design very Handy and Attractive, Also the Smooth Body helps you perform the Tasks Easily
    • Chitraranjan
    • 24.Nov.2020
    Very Good Product Quality is Awesome Excellent Product Working 100% Properly Works Smoothly & Faster From all Other Mouse Light Weight Mouse Special Thanks To Adcom Giving this Adcom 4D Mouse at this price point 😍 I Recommend to Buy it 😄😃
    • Jishnu
    • 12.Nov.2020
    Excellent 🔥 Mouse from Adcom, Good ergonomic design and the mouse is super slim been using the mouse for a week no problem working smoothly, Good for office.
    • Uday
    • 20.Oct.2020
    The build quality is good. It is light weighted, sleek and very compact. Using it as a daily driver. Overall, it is a great mouse at its price. Highly recommended!
    • Mohapatra
    • 03.Oct.2020
    The only thing to be said about the beast is JUST WOW !! The ergonomics and the design is just unmatched On top of that the low price adds up to its stance
    • HPR
    • 05.Aug.2020
    • Abbas
    • 01.Aug.2020
    • Shajith
    • 28.Jul.2020
    Good Build Quality and a Slim Mouse at Reasonable Price..
    • Mullasseril
    • 09.Jul.2020
    This product was soo nice that I am using it as a daily driver. I thought the mouse will be of cheap quality but it surprised me because of its build quality. The design is too good that the product is so portable and I can carry it in my hard drive case
    • Ñamà
    • 03.Jul.2020
    Smoothly working and best connectivity
    • Khedekar
    • 21.Jun.2020
    Just amazing wireless mouse. Easy to use and light weight and less click sound . Go for it .
    • Devansh
    • 09.Jun.2020
    The mouse is very light weight and super comfortable to hold.
    • Tushar
    • 07.Jun.2020
    this can a best choise under 500 rupees if you are searching for wireless mouse so this is a good product
    • Johnson
    • 24.Mar.2020
    Bought this mouse nearly a month ago, I have been using this since then. After nearly a month of usage, I decided to share my experience by writing this review. In this review I mentioned about the product and my experience of using it. So let's get started. ============= Build & Design ============= The build and design is the best thing about this mouse, the slim design and sturdy build gives a good feel while using it. The sleek & slim design makes it very much portable. You can take the mouse with your laptop anywhere. Not only the mouse is a portable one, it also has a stylish design with a bright yellow liner on the front and a glossy black finish in the back and a metallic finish in the middle makes its look and feel better. On the backside, the receiver is mounted on the mouse itself. The receiver is also very small just like the mouse. Moreover, we have an on/off switch and battery panel. The mouse runs on 2 X AAA Batteries. The mouse takes only a little amount of power, so that you don't have to worry about the battery for a long time. On the top, the mouse has a "DPI" (Mentioned under Performance) button along with the regular click buttons and scroll. That's about it for the build and design, let's move on to the important factor, performance. ============ Performance ============ The mouse worked really well better than what I had expected considering the price. As I mentioned earlier, let me tell you about the DPI. The DPI controls the movement speed of the cursor, lower DPI gives a slow and accurate movement for detailing works like photoshop or drawing, while the higher DPI gives fast movements for regular use. This mouse has 3 DPI levels of 800,1200,1600. The mouse performed well beyond the expectations. The wireless range is also quite good, but as I use it with a laptop I use it in a close range. Overall, the mouse is a great performer at this price range. ============= My Experience ============= As I said earlier, I have been using this mouse for nearly a month now and I really had a good experience with this. The portability is what I needed the most, I prefer a mouse rather than the touchpad in the laptop, so this is mouse is a good option for me. The price is very much reasonable considering the quality of the product. I have been using this for almost a month and will continue to use it. Will update the review if I face any issues with the product. ======= Verdict ======= Finally, we are here at the end of the review. I have been using this for almost a month now and I mentioned my experience and opinions about the product above. If you are looking for a portable wireless mouse for your laptop, I'd recommend this one. The choice is your, choose wisely.
    • Sidhant
    • 04.Mar.2020
    Fine mouse and working goog using it from past 1 month and the mouse is smooth which it should be, nice one
    • Singh
    • 06.Jan.2020
    If you are looking for best budget wireless mouse, Adcom 4D must be your option to look at. This wireless mouse has unique look and design. Ergonomic design and slim form factor enhance your desk set-up. It comes with really small receiver which you can connect to any USB port. Mouse works flawlessly. I am using it since last 1 month and never gets any disconnection issue. This mouse works on 2.4 Ghz Wireless system. The mouse will auto sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity for power saving, it can be waken up by clicking any button which i like the most. Must buy if you are looking for wireless mouse for office or home use.
    • Manchain
    • 31.Dec.2019
    Super slim and the best
    • Rudresh
    • 18.Dec.2019
    Superb mouse with a great design. It is light weight and have a good dpi rate. Don't think twice just go for it!!
    • Satish
    • 02.Dec.2019
    Gret work, good looking, value for money, smooth expression This mouse very good looking, compact and gret work. I am using this mouse my pc windows 10 without any problem work very well. Most inportan price this mouse value for money
    • Devendra
    • 22.Nov.2019
    One of the best wireless mouse by @adcomindia. It's quite stylish and has a dpi button too. It has slim shape that's the thing I liked the most about it. I personally recommend it for general daily use but as it's not a gaming mouse, I won't recommend using it for games like PUBG, CSGO, APEX, etc. Over all I like the product and the services are also very good. So I would recommend this if your budget is low and you want a good wireless mouse.
    • Mimansha
    • 30.Oct.2019
    Budget friendly wirless Mouse . . . . . . . . Its been over 1 month i m personally using this wirless mouse And i m writing this post after a month So here's the deal @adcomindia 4D Slim Wireless Optical Mouse Is the cheapest n stylish mouse available in the market Obviously its not a gaming mouse But it work absolutely fine Best part is it doesn't make much noise on clicks And its slim look will give u so good hands on experience
    • Kundu
    • 13.Oct.2019
    The best wireless mouse with superfine grip and less noise mouse click which makes work very easy and undisturbed at the same time. It's slim ergonomic design and smooth frosted surface gives an incredible user experience.

Adcom 4D Slim Wireless Optical Mouse

Your New Work Partner

Made of a metallic surface with a frosted finish, Adcom 4D Slim Wireless Optical Mouse is perfect for gamers or enthusiastic content creators who have the need to show off their setup.

Our mouse has 4 programmed buttons, high precision optical sensors and 4 contact points for increased productivity. Adcom 4D Wireless Mouse is universally compatible and works well with both Windows & Mac OS.

Product Features:

  • 4 Programmed Buttons
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • Plug & Play: Nano Transceiver
  • Optical Precision: 800-1200-1600 dpi
  • Wheel Life: 200k, Key Life: 3million clicks
  • Less Click Sounds
  • Metallic Frosted Finish
  • Universal Compatibility

Comfort & Fun with Maximum Hand Feeling

The ergonomic design of Adcom mouse paired with four contact points makes it easy to use in almost all surfaces except glass and also reduces the fatigue on your hands. The scroll wheel makes the long scrolling into a smooth scrolling experience. Easy to pack, store and carry.

Less Click Sound & 2.4Ghz Wireless Connection

Adcom 4D Slim Wireless Mouse is designed so as to make as minimal sound as possible when clicked so that your clicks don’t disturb the people around you. Our mouse comes with a nano transceiver which can be plugged to any system easily. Plug & play.

High Precision Optical Sensors with Low Energy Consumption

With high precision optical sensors of 800-1200-1600 dpi, Adcom 4D Slim Wireless Mouse works with high accuracy & performs without any glitch or lag. Our mouse also consumes less energy consistently so that there is no change in its performance due to energy depletion.