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Adcom 6D Slim Wireless Optical Super Mouse with 6 Pre-programmed Buttons, 1600dpi and 2.4Ghz Nano Receiver (Green)

123 Ratings & 34 Reviews

599 399

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  • [3 Section DPI Switch Technology with 6 Buttons] - 800,1200,1600 dpi easily change the cursor sensitivity depending on your activity. 6 pre-programmed buttons with adjustable rubber scroll wheel for fast, accurate maneuvers. Comes with a Nano receiver. No need any driver, and you can plug and play our wireless mouse directly.
  • [Strong Durability & Long Working Distance] - Passed 5,000,000 times keystroke test to guarantee extra durability. 2.4GHz wireless technology and professional chip ensures longer working distance, reaching up to 33ft.
  • [Maximum Hand Feeling] - Contoured shape, sweat-resistant and skin-friendly finish are for maximum comfort and support. The thoughtful ring and little finger rest provide extra comfort. The sturdy scroll wheel with rubber makes sure that your hand will not slip when scrolling. Easy to store, carry and space saving. Portable & Durable. Perfect for work and entertainment in home or office.
  • [Wide Compatibility & Low Power Consumption] - works with all Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Smart TV & other USB powered devices. This mouse will auto sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity for power saving, it can be waken up by clicking any button. Note: powered by 2*AAA batteries (not included).
  • [Worry Free Warranty] - 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Designed & Crafted by Adcom with Love.
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Our 6D wireless mouse with 1600 dpi and 6 buttons is designed with reliability, ease-of-use and user comfort in mind. Boasting the reliability and precision of a corded mouse with the convenience and freedom of wireless, our mouse also gives you fast data transmission and virtually no delays or dropouts. It will be your perfect fit for for desktop, laptop, PC, Macbook, Smart TV and other devices.  Tag & share your photos with us using: #adcomindia #workwithadcom #gamewithadcom #adcommouse #affordableeveryday






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9.7 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm

Compatible Devices

Computers, Desktop, Laptops & Other USB Powered Devices.

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123 Ratings & 34 Reviews

    • Rahul
    • 17.Nov.2021
    Overall Best Product Best Experience using this mouse Best Budget Mouse You can use it in PC and laptop best product This mouse is very good in terms of build quality and also connects very fast to any computer/laptop. Both Left and Right clicks work fine and click wheel is perfectly balanced in scrolling. There are 2 additional button at the left side of the mouse and this button are very much useful while playing games. If you are thinking to buy this mouse then just go for it. The mouse is just amazing
    • Kumar
    • 12.Oct.2021
    Amazing and quality product
    • ALLEN
    • 08.Oct.2021
    Must buy... ❣️ Small and classy product
    • Nitin
    • 16.Jun.2021
    Nyc mouse i've received from adcom....The mouse working smoothly because of their best sensor. and it's very comfortable to use
    • Kundu
    • 03.Jun.2021
    Amazing precision and solid grip making my work very easy and productive. The buttons are very comfortable making surfing time-saving. Highly recommended!
    • Ritik
    • 30.May.2021
    Really impressive ✅ Top notch quality product⭐ Best deal 6D optical mouse 🤩🔥🔥🔥
    • Jaiswal
    • 20.May.2021
    Amazing Build Quality, Easy Grip, Awesome design and It value for money.
    • Ankan
    • 13.May.2021
    This mouse is very good in terms of build quality and also connects very fast to any computer/laptop. Both Left and Right clicks work fine and click wheel is perfectly balanced in scrolling. There are 2 additional button at the left side of the mouse and this button are very much useful while playing games. If you are thinking to buy this mouse then just go for it. The mouse is just amazing ❤️
    • Gupta
    • 20.Apr.2021
    Amazing Quality and Sensor System. Totally worth every penny! Definitely a 10/10 recommendation .
    • Rinshad
    • 15.Apr.2021
    I am used this product for 1 week and I really satisfied with this wireless mouse and I like the design, it looks attractive and comfortable for me and it's sensitivity is excellent, I didn't expect this performance at this price, if you want a wireless mouse at this price, I highly recommend this wireless mouse at this price.
    • Vivek
    • 06.Apr.2021
    I personally use the mouse for my office work but i have even tried to play a few games such as CS go using it and the mouse performs fairly well. The mouse sensor are great and offer great sensitivity. For the price range its a must buy.
    • Alex
    • Kochuparambil house Njayappilly PO Njayappilly
    • 05.Mar.2021
    Best Affordable Gaming mouse at the market. it's an insane mouse @399 which has 3 dpi setings and total of 6 Buttons. Love the mouse❣️❣️.
    • N tech
    • 04.Feb.2021
    Used this product for 3 days and iam feeling very comfortable and always a cool produt have lots of features . Nice product and have very smooth sensitivity . Superb
    • Biswas
    • 01.Feb.2021
    Seeing the product from such a professional company I was expecting a quality product at affordable rate with great durability and the important element needed by any consumer, that it doesn't lag. It came in decent packing with all the precautions due taken which was very nice. Adcom's 6d slim 2.4ghz wireless optical mouse comes with a nano receiver which can be fitted in the device's USB slot which makes it so simple to use. It's battery saving technology, red light technology are a cherry to the cake. The buttons are also so durable and that too with 3 dpi settings. The features of this mouse are just mesmerizing really haven't seen such features lately at this price and wish to see many more products like this from Adcom. They also deliver it to your house very quick and safe at the same time. Full-On-Full for that guys. In short it's a really good product and highly recommended if you are on a budget ,seeking a wireless daily type mouse. Definitely a YES from my side !
    • Prashant
    • 26.Dec.2020
    I used this mouse for about 3 to 4 days and I have a very good experience with this mouse. The clicks are awesome and are very responsive. The most useful feature in the mouse is its forward and backward buttons, which help you to do your work more quickly. This mouse automatically turns off when not in use from 10 mins which actually helps in saving the battery life of the cell. The dpi button is pretty good for the graphic designers. Overall as a Video Content Creator I rate this mouse 5/5.
    • Asif
    • 13.Nov.2020
    This Mouse is one of the finest I used Under 500rs, You Can Use This Mouse On Any Device Not Only In PC I Used on My PC, Laptop, Android Box and Even on Android Mobile. Work Amazing on Any Device, You can Go For This Wireless Mouse Best thing is This Mouse Came With Forward & Backward Button So This is Amazing Feature
    • Sharma
    • 06.Nov.2020
    Really very smooth performance under this price point. i used this mouse for my proffesional software like Autocad staddpro and all
    • Miglani
    • 14.Oct.2020
    Great Product!! Got it delivered early. This is the best mouse I would recommend to anyone at this price. I am a YouTuber. So I used it for 4-5 days and now I am in love with it!! It has 6 buttons, which is actually great! And the Latency is also very Low. So you can actually use it for Gaming too... So, I would recommend it to everyone as this is really great product!
    • Kumar
    • 13.Sep.2020
    Just received this mouse today. Easy to use, good connectivity, comfortable in grip and good tracking without even mouse-pad. I bought in a deal of 399/-, so it's a good deal. I hope this mouse will serve my general working purpose conveniently. Happy shopping 
    • Mirza
    • 03.Sep.2020
    amazing wireless mouse for this price range and colour is just loveable and 6 button is perfectly work and help lot just Amazing product.
    • Shubham
    • 05.Aug.2020
    I liked the mouse design, it is easy to hold under your palm. The buttons and click work smoothly and the DPI setting is really helpful. Go for it
    • Rajmani
    • 28.Jul.2020
    The mouse looks really attractive in this Green Colour. The response time of the mouse is really good. The click button works smoothly.The extra two buttons work as forward and backword button. Overall this mouse is a really good option in the budget range under 400. Highly recommend.
    • Sparsh
    • 21.Jul.2020
    Overall, Good To goes for !! Using it for almost a week and didn't find any con, Works flawlessly and is comfortable to use. From a price point of view, the functioning is great too. Value for money
    • Himanshu
    • 18.Jul.2020
    This mouse us really a great product. It's neon color make it more attractive. It has fully functional six buttons. It is convenient to use. I highly recommend it.
    • Kumar
    • 02.Jul.2020
    Very good product and much satisfied.... Easy to use really great mouse Vey good product. Highly recommended
    • Jaydip
    • 25.Jun.2020
    This One Of Best Mouse Under 500 ,I Like This Mouse, Thanks For AdCom India
    • Tech
    • 23.Jun.2020
    This 6d wireless Mouse overall nice . easy to handle. hard plastic body. design also very good . finally value for money.
    • Pravin
    • 14.Jun.2020
    Good Mouse for gaming and office work.
    • Chatra
    • 22.Jan.2020
    ------------ DESIGN ------------ The color is great, build quality is okay but it is hard plastic so very less chances of breaking it. It is very comfortable to use and the best thing about it is that this mouse is not so small in size compared to HP wireless mouse. This Adcom wireless mouse clearly wins. ----------------- Best Features ----------------- 1. One of the best feature of this mouse is that it turns off automatically after 7 to 8 minutes if you are not using it. So this is a useful feature. I know HP is a big brand and comes with warranty but this Adcom wireless mouse also comes with 1 year replacement warranty. 2. This mouse comes with 6 preprogrammed buttons. Left button, right button and a scroll button that is standard on all mouse. The fourth one is the DPI button. So what DPI means? Dots Per Inch and this Mouse has 3 dpi settings, 800, 1200 and 1800. So it means you can set the cursor speed depending on these 3 different dpi And the last two buttons can be used for forward and backward. So what it means? You can control file manager back or forward with two buttons. It also can be used in google chrome or any browser. This mouse is clearly a go to buy mouse.
    • Rishabh
    • 16.Dec.2019
    Hey guys, if you are looking for a Wireless Mouse in this budget then surely you can buy it. And still if you have any query then visit our YouTube Channel "GEEKY RISHABH" to watch it's Unboxing and Review Video. Watch here: https://youtu.be/tnIdaYY68qI
    • Mistry
    • 17.Nov.2019
    At the price, this is a really good mouse. The size of the mouse is comfortable to hold and move on the surface. The installation is hassle-free and works perfectly with Windows, Mac, and Linux. The quality of the product is very good.
    • Soni
    • 05.Nov.2019
    Vey good product. Highly recommended
    • Gossipovercoffee
    • 29.Oct.2019
    Ordered this chic mouse from Adcom, the structure is amazing and the colour is quote unique, it’s user friendly amd we loved using it
    • Panda
    • 16.Oct.2019
    Awesome Product having flexible option to operate. Cost worthy product.

Adcom 6D Slim Wireless Optical Super Mouse

Perfect for Work or Gaming

Made with fun popping colours like black and green, Adcom 6D Slim Wireless Optical Mouse is perfect for gamers or enthusiastic content creators who have the need to show off their setup.

Our mouse has 6 programmed buttons, high precision optical sensors and 4 contact points for increased productivity. Adcom 6D Wireless Mouse is universally compatible and works well with both Windows & Mac OS. Just plug & play.

Product Features:

  • 6 Programmed Buttons
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • Plug & Play: Nano Transceiver
  • Optical Precision: 800-1200-1600 dpi
  • Wheel Life: 200k, Key Life: 3million clicks
  • Universal Compatibility

Comfort & Fun with Maximum Hand Feeling

The ergonomic hand filling design makes it easy to hold the mouse, and is made keeping in mind gamers or content creators who use mouse for long hours. Our mouse is sweat resistant and also has a resting space for your ring & little finger. The scroll button has a rubber lining to avoid slipping and is made with hard plastic for durability.

More in Less with 6 Programmed Buttons

Adcom 6D Wireless Mouse is compact & has 6 programmed buttons for increased productivity. Our mouse works amazingly well with a Smart TV too because of the 2.4 GHz wireless plug & play technology.

High Precision Optical Sensors with Low Energy Consumption

Our mouse performs brilliantly on any surface, and has a DPI button to switch between different optical precisions of 800-1200-1600 dpi. Our mouse also consumes less energy consistently so that there is no change in it’s performance due to energy depletion.