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How We are a Atmanirbhar Brand?
How We are a Atmanirbhar Brand?


We are Adcom India. Made by Indians, Made for Indians. We are a family run local tech startup, where we put all our efforts into making a fashionable and affordable tech lifestyle accessory for you. Similarly, our efforts are also always to make our products in India with every effort and initiative aimed at supporting small buisnesses, local buisnesses and family run buisnesses.

A few months ago, our honorable Prime Minister brought a revolution about “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, and he encouraged us to support Indian products and domestic brands. He termed this movement #VocalForLocal. He urged everyone to buy products made in India. This would become a growth for India. 

We are pleased by the government's decision as we are following the same for our country. Our multiple products like Adcom Feature Mobile Phones and Powerbanks are 100% completely made in India. All our other products are completely designed in India from scratch, and all products goes through multiple quality tests so that you get the best from it. After a quality test, the product is personally tested by our team for the assurance. We have been providing employment to many. We have been receiving amazing responses from all of you for us and our products. All this happens in our beloved country, India.

We know the economic challenges our country is facing and this movement may lead us to a better place. Whenever you shop at anything local, you are not only shopping for you but for your country as well. This movement will be significant growth to small businesses and the country.

We wish to see our country as the most developed country in the future, and hence, we urge you all to make this movement stronger and stronger. Be #VocalForLocal, and be a voice for this nation. We are proud to be a part of this movement. We are happy to be one of the locals. In the future, we hope to shift our every manufacturing unit in India for the nation to become a successful “ Atmanirbhar Bharat”. We are a domestic local brand. We are Adcom India. Made for Indians, Made by Indians.


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  • Ayush
    4 years ago
    Nice Post
  • Ashokkumar M Pitroda
    4 years ago
    I was purchase 10" tab last year sept.2019 but your tab charge bettary was weak, I was 100% charge than use tab 30 to 45 minitue than charge was 0 zero, grand son (7years), confused his online teaching stop,How can I do ?
  • Jigayasa
    4 years ago
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