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Dilli Darshan Photowalk with Team Adcom India
Dilli Darshan Photowalk with Team Adcom India

Delhi, ya fir hamari dilli, is not just about its chaotic traffic and mad rush, there are so many offbeat and peaceful places in Delhi to explore other than its popular monuments. The capital of Incredible India is no less than incredible itself. Amidst the chaos we found the tranquility of rural life. A few days back, we at team Adcom India scheduled a photo walk to Yamuna Ghat and Khari Baoli. The culture of these places draws our creative eye and we were in complete awe of these amazing places.

We started our journey at 0600 hours. Our first destination was the ever so popular with photography enthusiasts Yamuna Ghat, it has many interesting stories to offer. This place now is a center of art exploration for photographers. The ghat is the site of a glorious gathering of hundreds of seagulls flocking to feed. We witnessed the birds fly about with the rising sun, giving us a picturesque memory. The mornings at Yamuna Ghat are poetry in themselves, it attracts thousands of photographers and content creators. Even the newly weds. 😁

Looking for some aesthetic visualisations, we managed to take some amazing shots from our Adcom Full Screen 238° Super Fisheye Pro mobile phone camera lens while enjoying an early cold morning stroll at the ghats of the sacred Yamuna river. With our 8mm full screen 238° fisheye pro lens, we were able to capture some really cool unrealistic super wide images and expanded our perspective with a lot more in the frame than what a regular mobile phone camera could offer. We took some shots whilist in the boat of the sunrise, seagulls flocking for food, and us ofcourse ;)

Next stop to our spree was the lanes of Chandni Chowk, which are submerged with the Culture of India. Pratap, from our marekting team, who is actually from Jamshedpur was visiting here for the first time. He was in awe and loved capturing the daily lives of people and soul-stirring sights which seem so unusual and out of reality in a modern city like Delhi. Visiting the place at an early hour of the day will help you explore the mystical art of the streets of Chandni Chowk. Feel the glory as you trace Delhi’s imperial Past, on our way we found many groups following the same path. 

We then headed onto Khari Baoli, also known as Asia's biggest spice market, the strong smell of spices can be an assault on the senses of a person but it is an experience. These are the secret doorways of Delhi leading us directly into the past of our Purani Dilli. This market is definitely on the list of offbeat places in Delhi and a major attraction for tourists looking for unusual things.

Delhi’s oh-so famous, Khari Baoli. This vintage land which dates back to the Mughal-era is a honeycomb for tourists, photographers, instagrammers and anybody who’s a sucker for raw beauty. We at Adcom were no exception to it! As we were in hunt of gallery of dramatic rounded and wide images, our Adcom Full Screen 238° Super Fisheye Pro played a very important role. Our fisheye pro lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections, providing us exactly what we were looking for. It’s one of the most unique lenses out there for how it creates a spherical, warped perception of the frame. After using this lens we experienced everything around us the same way a fish would perceive it. Here are some more sample photos below.


In order to capture this ethereal beauty which is the apex to old-Delhi’s undiscovered attraction, we unravelled our Adcom Super Full Screen Wide Angle . This is one of our technical blessings and as a matter of secret our chairperson loves it (no biases to our other gadgets😜 ). This tool was instrumental in fitting a wider view into the frame, and this unreal image below is an example of the perfect artistic shot to entail the expansive landscape and the cramped interiors! It transformed our image into panaromic view, and we were able to shoot wide, real and distortion-free images and videos with our smartphone camera. If you are looking for a wide angle lens you should definitely try it. The lens is quite easy to use and has a superior premium built quality and it can also be used with the front camera for vlogging purposes apart from clicking some stunning wide landscapes.

The fight between an expensive fancy camera and portable easy to use mobile is finally over, with our secret weapon Adcom Anamorphic Mobile Camera Lens to the rescue. With the aim to discover the undiscovered treasures of beauty, this lens gave a unique cinematic look, it changes the dimensions of an image in one axis. Anamorphic lenses are a runaway favorite among cinematographers for the unique characteristics they bring to moving images. The Blue Flare brings that early 1960's cinematic look. The out-of-focus areas of the image now feel as much a part of the cinematic experience as a bucket of popcorn and a liter of soda. We took cinematic shots and made a cinematic videos using our mobile with the help of this Anamorphic lens.

From Delhi's Yamuna Ghat to Chandni Chowk, the capital is brimming with historical monuments. Delhi is the melting pot of culture with so many historic destinations, this city holds a special significance in the pages of history. The beauty of delhi resides in these small lanes, historical monuments, cafes and delicious street food. If you are planning a visit to these places make sure that you are high on energy and the city won't disappoint you.

Check out our experience at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4mQBCJbXUg
Follow us on instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/adcomindia/

Check our full range of smartphone mobile phone camera lenses here: https://www.adcomhitech.com/smartphone-clip-on-travel-lens.html
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About The Author:
A twenty year old trying to explore the world. Tnvi Chopra is an aspiring digital creator, working with Adcom India as Marketing and PR Intern. She's currently pusuing her graduation from Delhi University, as a marketing enthusiast, she aims to improve brand awareness and presence, excercising her skills in collaboration, communication and consistenly contributing to team efforts and organisational improvements.
To Know more about our author: https://www.instagram.com/tnviwithout_an_a/
To Know more about our photographer: https://www.instagram.com/kundujee/




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  • Harshita
    3 years ago
    Great content!! The pictures and the writing is amazing!!! Keep up the good work
  • Archit
    3 years ago
    Sounds like an exciting experience!
  • Anurag Chawla
    3 years ago
    V good
  • Shaguna
    3 years ago
    This is so well written. One can almost feel what it must have been like to visit these places. The photographs definitely adding to the experience. Makes you realise of how much beauty is there, right here, where we've lived for so long. Thank you for this experience!
  • Muskan Sethi
    3 years ago
    I’m in awe of these pictures , I mean they look so aesthetic and the content to is amazing.
  • Shivani
    3 years ago
    How beautifully is this written, gives such a beautiful insight to the unexplored side of Delhi. Kudos to the whole team! 🦋
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