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'How to Level Up Your Audio Game Without Breaking The Bank!' By Neel Mistry
'How to Level Up Your Audio Game Without Breaking The Bank!' By Neel Mistry

Just bought yourself a new flagship phone and suddenly find yourself stranded without a 3.5mm jack? Or feeling skeptical that your really capable earphone/headphone isn’t performing to its potential because your phone or laptop doesn’t really have the oomph or quality to bring out the best from them? Well, we have got you covered here!

About Adcom Shuffle


Adcom Shuffle has good clarity, relatively well-defined bass and sounds pretty natural for Bluetooth headphones. There’s a touch of treble push, but it’s not grating and I was able to listen to the headphones for good chunks of time without experiencing listening fatigue. The bottom line is they sound as good as many Bluetooth headphones that cost three or even four times as much.

Design & Comfort: Attention to detail makes the difference. Matte finish. Over-ear lightweight design with self-adjusting headband & 180º folding foldable/retractable system with leather padded cushion ear-cups & headband provides exceptional comfort. Easy to store, carry and space-saving.

Advanced Bluetooth v5.0 Technology: allows faster pairing with all Android, iOS, and Windows devices, delivers exceptional wireless stereo sound & gives a balanced audio performance at any volume. Wireless operating range up to 10 meters. Passive Noise Cancellation with Deep Bass is another feature of Adcom Shuffle Wireless Headphones.

Multifunctional Tactile Buttons with Wireless/Wired Usage: control music playback & answer calls by pressing the multifunction tactile buttons. Shuffle headphones can be connected via an AUX cable as well, which works even when there is no charge left in the headphone.

Battery Life: Adcom Shuffle comes with a powerful battery backup. Up to 4 hours of continuous talk/playtime, 2 hours of charging time & 100 hours of standby time. Built-in HD sensitive microphone, inputting high-quality voice. Sweat-proof and sports friendly.

You can spend hundreds on a new pair of headphones, and in some cases, that’s entirely justifiable. But you can still get truly great results from affordable headphones. 

You can purchase the Adcom Shuffle for Rs. 899/- from here.



The Adcom Shuffle sounds terrific for the money. It’s comfortable to wear and seems relatively well built. The headphones fold up to fit into an optional carrying case and battery life is rated at a healthy 24 hours at moderate volume levels.


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