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We Were Spotted at India Mobile Congress, New Delhi 2019
We Were Spotted at India Mobile Congress, New Delhi 2019

Last weekend, Indian Mobile Congress was held at The Aerocity Grounds in New Delhi from 14-16th October, 2019. We were also a part of the India Mobile Congress as part of the 'Startup India' Campaign. We showcased our unique tech products there and also greeted our unique fans. We are extremely overwhelmed to have got a great response from the exhibition. 

India Mobile Congress was attended by than 10,000+ visitors that included fans, media, trade officials, governement officials, MNC brands, etc. Our products tech specs were lauded by many youtubers, college students, media and officials. Below is some of the feedback that we have recieved from our visitors on different  products.

“It sounds so clear and the design looks so premium” - on Adcom Vision

“These phones are loaded with so much features at an affordable price , this looks so good that an Indian company is doing this good” - on Adcom features phone

“It enhances the picture so good and clearly you can easily see the difference”- on Adcom Smartphone Lens

We recieved immense postivie feedback and were praised by many fellow exhibitors as well. We would like to thank all of you for this overwhelming response. We promise that this is only the beginning and we will get better day by day and bring several fashionable and innovative products to you.

                                                                                  THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE!

                                                                                                              #AffordableEveryday #ATechStartup




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