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The Adcom India’s Robust Powerbanks for Mobile Phones
The Adcom India’s Robust Powerbanks for Mobile Phones

We present you our exclusive range of powerbanks from our gallery. What do you search in a powerbank, when you are buying one? We provide you a deep insight of our two most amazing powerbanks, made in India.

Let us take you for a tour of these two powerbanks:

1.  Adcom 10000 mAH Lithium-ion Powerbank with 3 USB port

 A Funky design, in a small package, storing a lot of power. Adcom 10000 mAH powerbank features an efficient high capacity battery at an attractive price. With 3 available USB ports & Overcharge, Over Discharge & Shot Circuit protection, this powerbank is a value maker in the market.

A pretty high power storage device, Adcom 10000 mAH powerbank, has 3 USB ports rated at different speeds.

Look & Feel:

The Adcom 10000mAh Power Bank actually looks pretty cool. The White color scheme and the shape give it an advanced, modern look.

The three USB ports are located at the end of the unit whilst the micro USB input, LED battery indicators and power button are on the long edge.

Additionally, the power button acts smart. Holding the button down for too long will result in the power bank switching off.


The Adcom 10000mAh Power Bank comes with 1 Micro USB charger cable and a user manual. Charging can be done via any AC/DC power source.


The shape of the portable charger looks economical enough, taking into consideration the mAh, it’s certainly a reasonable size and would easily fit in a medium sized travel bag or purse.


2.  Adcom 20000 mAH lithium-ion Powerbank with 2 USB port


The Adcom 20000 mAh Power Bank might just be the charger for you. With dual USB inputs, a solid, neat design and a whopping battery capacity, it’s a wonder.

The Adcom 20000mAh Power Bank tested superbly and gave about 90% efficiency of its battery capacity.

Look & Feel

Comes with a LCD Display for Accurate Display of Power Usage, The Adcom 20000mAh Power Bank really looks entirely cool. The Black Color shade and the shape give it a propelled, current look.

The two USB ports are situated toward the finish of the unit while the miniaturized scale USB input, LED indicators and power switch are on the long edge. A bright LCD display tracks your charge count.

Moreover, the power button acts brilliant. Holding the traditional for a really long time will result in the power bank turning off.


The Adcom 20000 mAh Power Bank accompanies 1 Micro USB charger link and a client manual. Charging is possible by means of any AC/DC control source. This powerbank is environment-friendly.


The state of the versatile charger looks sufficiently prudent, mulling over the mAh, it's surely a sensible size and would effectively fit in a medium estimated travel sack or tote and is very easy to carry.

We provide these two amazing powerbanks at much affordable prices. These innovative power storages has built up a reputation in the Indian market. Buy this powerbanks online to grab multiple offers and discounts. 

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    5 years ago
    Luminosa affordable !!!!
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