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Unleash Better Gaming Experience with Adcom Vision 7.1 Headphones!
Unleash Better Gaming Experience with Adcom Vision 7.1 Headphones!

Do you know, a decent gaming headset can be the difference between ‘just hearing stuff’ and submerging yourself completely into the gaming world? Of all the everyday gadgets that impact the quality of life, gaming headphones are near or at the top of the list. The significance of gaming headphones in our lives is beyond describing. Whether you are a hardcore PC gamer, an old-school gamer, or a trophy hunter, eventually the people you live with will probably get exasperate at the various beeps, bloops and the gunshots of your video games. 🎮

The point? A good pair improves your quality of life. And a not-so-good pair? Not so much. Are you a gamer and struggling for answers to questions like: How is the surround sound system? or Whether gaming headphones are comfortable enough? Looking for something like a gaming headphone that not only fulfills your demand but also makes you endure every minute sound of gaming. Presenting Adcom Vision 7.1 Super Gaming Headphones made exclusively to enhance your gaming experience. A headphone with cool red lights on the ear cups and on the tip of the microphone to give you an overall feel of a gamer. So stick with us here, and in the next few minutes we’ll cut through the confusion, help you decide why you should get yourself a pair of Adcom Vision 7.1 Super Gaming Headphones.🎧

Comfort is our Utmost priority! No one wants to invest in a gaming headset only to find that its physical build is somehow too much for them, and it makes their ears ache from its shape, size, and weight. Adcom vision comes with an ELEGANT STEEL STYLE HEADBAND which has a cushion that fits your head properly and doesn't sag while playing. The cushion gives you the ultimate comfort while playing and also makes it wearable for a long-hour session of gaming. 😇

Do you need Surround Sound? Hell Yes! One of the most important features you should look for in a headset is its surround sound. With the help of a great surround sound system, you can stand in for your fictional character, as the action will be taking place not just in front of you but behind you, to each side of you, below you, and above you. Adcom vision comes with an ADJUSTABLE VOLUME CONTROL BUTTON WITH REAL SURROUND SOUND, for you to experience every bang shot to every explosion sound. With an advance, 50mm hi-fi white magnet bass drivers that adjust to the ears for every clear sound to hear and you never miss a beat.

The Importance of Microphone! The microphone is a very important part of any gamer’s set-up, as it’s how you can create an interface – especially important when you’re part of a team. The microphone of our Adcom Vision 7.1 Super Gaming Headphone has an OMNIDIRECTIONAL NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY that ensures proper voice transfer with lesser interruptions from other background noises. It is also adjustable for exact positioning.


The best gaming headset can offer a sense of fascination that few other outlying can deliver. A good pair of the headset can make a difference to your actual gameplay too; circumstantial audio cues from the gaming headsets can be the deciding factor in crucial life-or-death situations in a game. For anyone into fierce games, a quality gaming headset is essential to the experience. It allows you to dapple enemies with directional audio, and respond swiftly. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and unleash a better gaming experience with our Adcom Vision 7.1 Super Gaming Headphones. 


Let's see what the world has to say about our hero product 😎

"Talking about 'value for money', gamers? You won't get a better choice than the Adcom Vision 7.1 over the ear gaming headphones." ~ Time's of India

"it offers a plethora of features i.e., 100% noise-cancellation for greater clarity during in-game communication, leather padded cushion headbands and ear-pads with an adjustable microphone for long and comfortable hours of gaming."~ Deccan Chronicle

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