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Create Cool DIY Stock Images From Your Smartphones at Home During Quarantine
Create Cool DIY Stock Images From Your Smartphones at Home During Quarantine

Recently, we shared an article showcasing some macro shots as well as wide angle, and telephoto shots clicked by one of our fans and loyal customer, Mr. Rajaram from Pause Moment Photography. You can check out the article here. Mr. Rajaram is a passionate as well as a creative photographer who gave some of his precious tips to create some cool DIY images from scratch at home during this quarantine using easy to access material. Mr. Rajaram clicked some beautiful shots just by using his smartphone camera and Adcom AD-25MM Professional HD 10x Macro Lens. Here is the end result:

We also know that you are also curious to know how you can also click these shots. Don’t worry we are here to guide you. You don’t need any specific location to click shots like these. You can easily shoot these at home. Let’s start.

Things required: Oil, Water, Soap Water and a Picture of your choice.

1. Download an image of your choice on your smartphone.
2. Cover your smartphone with any glass material. We used glass from a photo frame.
3. Add water, oil drops, and spray soap water as per your liking to get the desired result.
4. You can enhance the image by using colored glass and flashlights.
5. Shoot using your smartphone camera and Adcom India HD 10x Macro Lens.

Also, If you also want to get featured on our social media channels then submit your images to us via #ShotWithAdcom and we will feature the best one on all our social media platforms.

So what are you waiting for, click and send us some of your shots on our social handles

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  • Kiran
    4 years ago
    nice one
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