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Our Response To COVID-19 on Techbloat
Our Response To COVID-19 on Techbloat

The whole world is badly affected by this invisible virus known as COVID-19 a.k.a Coronavirus. This virus has affected almost 2 million people worldwide and more than 30 thousand in India. No doubt the virus has affected the world economically. The current economic status of the world is going downwards.

We like other tech brands are also affected by this pandemic and are purely working on the guidelines issued by the government. Our Brand Manager, Mr. Sahib Bhatia recently spoke to Techbloat where he talked about all the issues the brand is facing. He spoke about how we are overcoming this difficult situation, and what initiatives ADCOM has launched for our precious customers during this hard time. Here are some highlights from the article:

“Just like others, the virus has also affected our business. We have temporarily closed our offices and all the manufacturing departments. However, as an e-commerce and customer-driven brand, we are still active as much as we can. This is the time where our customers need us the most. We are 24/7 active on social media channels and on our customer support. Also, we have initiated several campaigns on our social media so that everyone can do some activities at their home. We have extended warranty on all ADCOM products until June 30th. Furthermore, we are strictly following government guidelines on the lockdown and will do our best to generate awareness for the same.”

Read more at: https://www.techbloat.com/how-covid-19-is-affecting-tech-brands.html

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