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Our Adcom Wired Mouse Featured on Digit
Our Adcom Wired Mouse Featured on Digit

“Progress is housed at the intersection of technology and humanity. Our connected world is undergoing a massive digital transformation which is creating a fundamental shift in the way we work and live. In order to not get left behind, we need to be equipped with the latest and the best technology that enables our work. One such piece of tech is a reliable mouse that lets you complete all your tasks (and even enjoy some light PC gaming). Here is a list of no-nonsense, budget ambidextrous wired mice for desktop PCs available on Amazon that will help you do just that!” - Digit

Recently our affordable & handy Adcom wired mouse got featured on Digit's blog where they highlighted budget ambidextrous wired mouse for desktop PCs on Amazon India in their article.

The article is written by Mr. Ashwin Nair from the Digit team. Digit is one of India’s most active and engaged tech community passionate about tech and gadgets.


Here is some highlight from the article:

"The Adcom Wired 3D Optical Mouse is equipped with high-precision 1000dpi USB-powered 3-button optical tracking and a tranquil-design clickable wheel for easy scrolling. Its four-point contact should ensure that there is smooth mobility. The cable length is 1.8m, which should ensure you have enough space to move. It works on the plug-and-play model and is claimed to be energy-efficient. It has an ergonomic design and comfortable controls. The mouse is compatible with Windows & Mac OS."

Checkout the blog at: https://www.digit.in/amazon-articles/pc-components/no-nonsense-budget-ambidextrous-wired-mice-for-desktop-pcs-59240.html

Checkout our mouse collection here: https://www.adcomhitech.com/mouse.html

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