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Gaming Partner for Narsee Monjee's Umang 2020
Gaming Partner for Narsee Monjee's Umang 2020

NM UMANG, the annual intercollegiate cultural festival organized by the students of Narsee Monjee. A total of 35 events were scheduled from 1st November to 4th November. It resonates with the passion, dedication, foresight, intellect, culture, and power of the youth.

Theme: “The Digital Paradigm” Change is the only constant and the future belongs to those who adapt. The theme “Digital Paradigm” is a testament to the same. Umang takes everyone in a whole new world filled with infinite possibilities all at the touch of your finger! With this digital blessing in disguise, Umang promises to “Reach for Moo-re” and brings to you the perfect blend of youth, culture, and technology this year. Discover the magic of all things digital with Umang – The Digital Paradigm.

ADCOM INDIA was the Gaming and Events Prizing Partner.

A few of The Gaming events were:

SHOTGUN! Going once, going twice, and sold! Brace yourselves for the sound of the gavel falling on the block as you furiously compete to sign the most coveted players in the realm of cricket. Create your dream IPL team to win it all but be wary of being outbid, for other franchises are bidding to see you fall. DOTA 2 Two teams of heroes guarding their ‘Ancients’. Do you have what it takes to defend yours and defeat the enemy in this real-time multiplayer online arena? Engage in this conquest as the Radiant takes on the Dire and heroes clash in this fiercely competitive game. However, there can only be one winner, and as the saying goes-“To the victor go the spoils”

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